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A Brighter Life: Meet Jasslynn and Her Family

When you support the Fuel Fund, you’re helping families who are in danger of living without the power to light and heat their homes.
After moving to Baltimore, Jasslynn’s family struggled with employment, health issues, and mounting bills.
“I thought my electric was going to be turned off,” she said. “I was so scared for what that would mean for my three kids.”
Jasslynn located a community center in her neighborhood to help with job placement, and she learned about the Fuel Fund.  Her family received the resources they needed to keep their power on.
“Sometimes people just need a little help,” she said, “and the Fuel Fund is the place they can get that help.”
When you make a donation to the Fuel Fund of Maryland, you are helping to lift our neighbors from financial crisis. Donate to the Fuel Fund now.
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