40th Anniversary

Through the support of our donors, community partners, and Board of Directors, the Fuel Fund of Maryland can proudly state that we've been assisting the Maryland community for 40 years. 

Join us today in celebrating our 40th anniversary year by making a gift today! 

The Fuel Fund was incorporated in 1981 as the Fuel Fund of Central Maryland, following the nation’s first energy crisis during the late 1970’s. Victorine Q. Adams, a Baltimore City councilwoman and noted civil rights activist, intervened and the earliest version of the Fuel Fund was born. Learn more about Victorine Q. Adams here

Adams was moved to action when a couple in her council district froze to death in their home. She vowed that this would never happen again under her watch. Today an integrated network of fuel funds across the nation carries on Mrs. Adam’s vision.

Since its establishment in 1981, the Fuel Fund of Maryland has served Maryland communities including adults, children, unemployed, retirees, single-parent households, critical medical patients, and veterans in need. More than 300,000 individuals have utilized our services.

We assist our vulnerable neighbors by providing financial and community resources that empower, engage, and safely connect households facing utility hardships.