Application Status Definitions


  • The Fuel Fund has received the application but has not had the opportunity to review it yet. The applicant’s utility service is not protected from termination at this point in the process.


The Fuel Fund has attempted to contact the applicant via phone or email. Typically, this status also means that Fuel Fund is waiting on the applicant to make their payment/ secure additional funding from other sources. The applicant’s utility service is not protected from termination at this point in the process.

  • Note: Fuel Fund defaults to contacting applicants via email when one is provided. If no email is provided in the application, Fuel Fund will attempt to call the applicant.
  • Note: Fuel Fund could offer the applicant a 7-day extension if the applicant is facing immediate termination of service, but the client has to request we try and put on our 7-day extension.
  • If we are unable to view the applicants account online with BGE we would have to request a statement through secure email, this can take a few hours to get.  The applicants Fuel Fund application is put in processing status while we wait for the statement from BGE.


the applicant has made their payment, Fuel Fund has verified the payment was received by the utility, and Fuel Fund has made a commitment to BGE to resolve the applicant’s bill. The applicant’s service is protected from termination at this point in the process. 

  • While an applicant is in this status, it is possible that the commitment may be rejected by BGE.  If a commitment is rejected by BGE, Fuel Fund will contact the applicant immediately to help resolve the issue.

Pay Approved:

  • The applicant has made their payment; Fuel Fund has cut their check to the utility. At this point, the Fuel Fund’s process is complete.
    • Note: Fuel Fund grants do not immediately show up on an applicant’s bill—typically it takes 2-3 weeks for Fuel Fund’s grants to appear on the applicant’s bill and BGE matching credits to be released.  The matching credits is an adjustment done by BGE and does not show up on the applicants BGE bill.


  • The Fuel Fund has reviewed the applicant’s application and the applicant is not eligible for assistance at this time.  It means that there is an issue that the applicant needs to address in order to receive Fuel Fund help.  See definitions of denial reasons for more information.