This really helped out! I passed along the info I learned on to my mom and dad and grandma! Keep up the good work because you guys' tips rock!

- Baltimore City Fuel Fund Client

What is Watt Watchers?

The Watt Watchers of Maryland© program is an energy education workshop provided by the Fuel Fund of Maryland as part of our assistance package. The workshop consists of 2– 90 minute sessions where our trainers cover no-cost energy saving tips and programs that can reduce your energy bill. The workshop comes with an optional follow-up phone call with your trainer where they answer any questions you have after the workshop, help you navigate energy conservation and home improvement programs, and help you set energy saving goals.

Why you should Schedule a workshop

  • Every day Watt Watchers trainers make conserving energy a fun, informative experience.
  • Discover fun, free, and creative ways to save money and energy.
  • Learn how to better understand your energy bill.
  • Get access to one-stop shopping for utility assistance programs, from energy check-ups to weatherization and even discounted rates on electricity.

I'm glad I came today! Wallace answered all of my questions and had great tips! Thank you!!

- Carroll County Fuel Fund Client