Energy Suppliers: Fuel Fund Preferred Rate Program

An energy supplier is a company that makes electricity. In the state of Maryland, consumers can choose who their energy supplier is. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if an energy supplier is offering a good deal or bad deal. The Fuel Fund wanted to help its clients, donors, and staff who are interested in finding a fair contract with a lower supply rate than BGE, so we partnered with Point, Click, Switch.

Point, Click, Switch is like a personal shopper -- They have the ability to look at all of the available energy supplier contracts and identify the best ones for Fuel Fund’s clients.

To view the current best contracts, more information, or to sign up online, visit:

Preferred Electricity Rate Program FAQ

What is it?

The Fuel Fund Preferred Rate Program (FFPRP) is a program with Point, Click, Switch. This company will ensure that you are getting the cheapest energy supply rate available.

How does it work?

When you enroll, Point, Click, Switch will sign you up with the cheapest supplier. At the end of the contract, they will identify the cheapest rate at that time, and enroll you with that supplier.

How much will I save?

Point, Click, Switch promises to save a minimum of 5% compared to BGE’s supply rate. If no contract will save you 5%, they will send you back to BGE for supply. When a better rate comes up, Point, Click, Switch will enroll you in the contract that will save you the most compared to BGE. On average, clients save about $15/1000 kWh per month. Added up over 12 months, that’s the equivalent of one whole bill per year! You will receive an email from Point, Click, Switch once your paperwork has been processed to let you know what your expected savings will be.

How is Point, Click, Switch different from other suppliers?

Point, Click, Switch makes sure that you are always getting the best rate possible and will never offer a contract that increases the rate after a low introductory rate. Point, Click, Switch will switch suppliers for you if the rate increases beyond the 5% savings.

Is there a termination fee or a switch fee?

It depends. Every contract is different. Sometimes there is no termination or switch fee. Sometimes there is a $100 or $150 fee. This information is included in the contract summary on the website.

What do I need to enroll?

Just your BGE Electric Choice ID number, which can be found on your BGE bill.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up online at