Save Energy

Want a more comfortable home and lower energy bills? 

Watt Watchers is for you!

Join thousands of Marylanders who are now part of the solution. What did Leslie, Nancia, Sharon and Caroline learn from their Watt Watchers journey?

Are you ready to become a Watt Watcher? With workshops hosted every day in community centers located throughout central Maryland, the Watt Watchers workshop can fit into virtually any schedule.

While the in-person Watt Watchers workshop is a requirement for all returning Fuel Fund clients in order to remain eligible for future assistance, the workshops are open to everyone in the community who is interested in saving energy and getting connected with energy saving programs. If you're in the community and short on time, check out the online version of Watt Watchers for some of the energy saving tips and tricks you'd learn about in the workshop.

If you're interested in the full version of Watt Watchers, check out our full calendar of upcoming workshops for the next workshop near you!

The Fuel Fund of Maryland offers Watt Watchers as part of our mission. All services provided are entirely free and open to all members of the community.

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