Water Heater Improvements

Heating makes up a significant portion of your electric bill. Therefore, it is important to improve the efficiency of your heating systems whenever possible. Fortunately, there are many simple and affordable home projects available that help you save money on space and water heating. Browse the following DIY projects to take a hands-on approach to conserving energy!


Set it at the right temperature

Water heating alone accounts for 18% of your energy bill. Luckily there are a couple ways to improve the efficiency of your water heater. The first way to save on water heating is to simply lower your water heater temperature to 120F. Lowering your water heater’s thermostat will help save on consumption and heat loss as well as reduce corrosion of your water pipes and instances of scalding. Visit the US Department of Energy for instructions on how to change your water heater’s temperature.


Wrap it!

You can further reduce stand by heat losses by installing a water heater insulation jacket. These jackets can be found at local home improvement stores and may even be included in some home weatherization programs. The jackets will save you 4%-9% on water heating costs, quickly paying for themselves. For more information on how to install insulation jackets visit the US Department of Energy.