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Our drive is to provide emergency financial intervention programs and services to a qualifying applicant who has no power in their home or an impending turn off notice from BGE.

Our role in the utility assistance process is to determine the potential FFM financial grant for which the applicant may be eligible for (as described on the APPLY page); not to determine BGE balance(s), OHEP* eligibility and/or OHEP* financial assistance.  *Benefits program administered by the State of Maryland

An applicant, who receives a financial grant from the FFM, will be asked to pay a portion of their outstanding balance since they are the “owner” of their utility bill.

Am I Eligible?

I’m a BGE Customer and…

  • I have NOT recieved a financial grant from Fuel Fund in the last 365 days
  • I have completed an application with Energy Assistance since July 1st

I Use Bulk Fuel and…

  • I am nearly or completely out of bulk fuel
  • It is between November and March; funding is limited and on a first come, first serve basis
  • I have completed an application with Energy Assistance since July 1st of this year
  • I meet the income requirements
  • I have not recieved help from Fuel Fund in the last 365 days

Fuel Fund can only assist with either BGE or bulk fuel once every 12 months. 

Note:  Fuel Fund funding model may change at anytime.

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It is a terrifying reality for a household with no power or an impending turnoff notice. That is why your support matters. You can give power to homes and hope to people in crisis with a gift to the Fuel Fund of Maryland.

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The Fuel Fund is our savior. You are truly a safety net; especially for those of us who have encountered a tough situation and just don’t know what to do or where to go.

- Mrs. Johnson

A Single Mom Overcomes Adversity

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