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The Fuel Fund of Maryland aims to be a lifeline for our vulnerable Maryland neighbors struggling with a home utility hardship. We assist by providing navigation through an array of financial and community resources that empower, engage, and safely connect a household in times of crisis.


The Fuel Fund was incorporated in 1981 as the Fuel Fund of Central Maryland, following the nation's first energy crisis during the late 1970s when an oil embargo squeezed supply, and energy prices soared. Hardest hit were those people least able to pay dramatic cost increases.

Victorine Q. Adams, a Baltimore City councilwoman and noted civil rights activist, intervened and the earliest version of the Fuel Fund was born. She was moved to do so when a couple in her council district froze to death in their home. Adams vowed that this would never happen again under her watch.

Today an integrated network of fuel funds across the nation carries on Mrs. Adam's vision.

With the onset of the deregulation of the electric utility industry, the Fuel Fund changed its name to Fuel Fund of Maryland, Inc. At every stage of the life of the Fuel Fund, its focus has been solely on the essential energy needs of households for whom energy is unaffordable.

Families who receive help always pay a portion of the balance and the Fuel Fund pays the rest to bring the balance down to zero to give them a fresh start.  In this way, the Fuel Fund supplements the resources of each household.

Likewise, in order to use all of the resources that are available for households, the Fuel Fund refers applicants to the government-funded programs that operate out of the state Office of Home Energy Programs. Often a household receives adequate assistance from these programs. If they are still in need, the Fuel Fund of Maryland helps.


The Fuel Fund prides itself on its ability to deliver services efficiently. Since 2013, the Fuel Fund of Maryland continues to receive a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, with an overall score and rating according to Charity Navigator of  90.71 out of 100.

In addition, the Fuel Fund was fully re-certified by Maryland Nonprofits Standards for Excellence Institute® as having met all the requirements of the Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector.

Our organization is passionate, collaborative, diverse, and an inclusive work environment while being proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to being compassionate, empathetic, reflective, and authentic to both our clientele and stakeholders.

Executive Committee


Sean Dunphy, Vice President Commercial Banking, First National Bank

Vice President

Joe Tumminello, Founder & CEO, R3 Technologies, Inc. 


Lauren Zeigler, Director of Accounting Services,  J L  Kenneally & Co., P.A.


Dan Skowronski, Attorney,  Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr


Dale Linaweaver, Energy Industry Management Consultant 

Phil Leadore, Sr. Manager Technology Advisory Services, SC&H Group

Scott Thompson, President and CEO, Dura Bante, LLC

Todd Carter, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Baltimore City

Brandi Nieland, Director of Consumer Assistance, Office of the People's Counsel

Quinton Askew, President and CEO, 211 Maryland

John E. Pastalow, III, Financial Advisor

Beth Perlman, Chief Information Officer


Executive Committee 


Sean Dunphy, Vice President Commercial Banking, First National Bank

Vice President

Joe Tumminello, Founder & CEO, R3 Technologies, Inc. 


Lauren Zeigler, Director of Accounting Services,  J L Kenneally & Co., P.A.  


Dan Skowronski, Attorney,  Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

Past Chair

Jody Costa, Vice President of Marketing, Barcoding, Inc.

Jack Ramey, Wealth Advisor, WBH Advisory


Debbie Brown, Executive Director

Sam Impink, Utility Assistance Director

Erica Lambert, Development Director

Jason Jesner, Utility Assistance Manager

Maren Ross, Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Kenyatta Starke, Utility Assistance Coordinator- Silver Lights

Crystal Radcliffe, Utility Assistance Coordinator

Diana Eagan, HR/ Office Manager

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