The Power of 12

Our donation processing platform is secure, quick, and easy to use. Track your overall contributions to the Fuel Fund of Maryland and edit your recurring giving plan at your convenience.  Make sure to select 'Donate Monthly' at the start of your transaction. 

'The Power of 12' Monthly Giving Program 

The Fuel Fund of Maryland has 200+ donors in its monthly giving program. Electricity is something that is simply not in the budget for vulnerable Marylanders facing unemployment, critical medical need issues, or life emergencies. Your monthly contribution makes a difference.  

By becoming a Fuel Fund Monthly Giver through online automatic deductions, you can spread your financial commitment over an entire year while helping to ensure consistent support for the services we provide. Your gift will be charged each month to the account of your choice and will appear on your monthly statement. 

Donation Impact 

When you become a monthly donor, your steady, reliable support will provide an array of financial and community resources to our vulnerable neighbors who are struggling through a utility crisis.

Here's how your impact directly affects a household in need!

  • $10 monthly - enables a household to raise/lower their thermostat by 1 degree in winter/summer and the ability to use their ceiling fans to make their homes more comfortable.

  • $20 monthly - Enables two (2) households to keep their hot water tank/refrigerator connected to keep food and medications safe and protected.

  • $25 monthly - Enables 5 (five) households to keep their stove safely connected to provide home cooked meals.

  • $50 monthly - Provides one (1) household connected to their electricity so children can comfortably complete schoolwork. 

  • $100 monthly - Provides one (1) household their heating and cooling needs for one month. 

I don’t like the idea of anyone worrying about electricity. This reality become more poignant to me and my wife since having our first child last year.

- Jason H., Columbia, MD

"I give back because I believe in the good of people and I hope that if I ever needed help, someone would cometo my aid as well.”

Mary C., Baltimore, MD

“ It doesn’t matter what your zip code is - you never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball and you aregoing to need the Fuel Fund. It happened to me. It can happen to anyone.”

The Alexander Household, Glen Burnie, MD


For inquiries regarding our monthly giving program, contact