It Could Happen To You

Mrs. Howard had spent years working for a state agency when she left to start her own business.  She was armed with a business plan, substantial savings, decades of work experience, and a master’s degree.  Unfortunately, as with many start-ups, she had trouble securing new business.

Mrs. Howard picked up other part-time jobs to make ends meet each month.  She even withdrew from her retirement savings when her monthly payments were no longer sufficient to pay the bills. And in a few short months, life as Mrs. Howard knew came crumbling down. She was faced with an $800 energy bill and a turn off notice.

Mrs. Howard had been a self-sufficient and resilient professional all her life.  Now, at 53 years old, she found herself looking for help for one of her most basic needs: power at home. She found her way to the Fuel Fund where we were able to keep her power on, and bring her bill up to date.

My self esteem was already damaged by having to ask for help and I was so relieved to be met by such compassion and kindness. The experience has made me realize that there are people who are living without heat and electricity, and even people who have lost their homes. Let’s face it, there are hardworking people who just aren’t making enough to pay the bills. And I happened to be one of them.

Mrs. Howard now sees the world a little differently; never again taking the invisible but critical presence of power in her home for granted.

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